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Safety is by far the most important value in our company culture. Everything we do is done in a safe manner whether it’s a helicopter operation or a task in back office, safety prevails!


We are very straightforward in the actions we take. As a company we keep our employees informed on our decisions and what it means for them. This translates in a very open corporate culture with accessible superiors and empowered employees who share experiences and ideas with an attitude of critical thinking.


Employee’s at NHV experience a high degree of autonomy in their work. This goes hand in hand with taking responsibility for one’s work. Everyone is committed to the work he/she does and takes responsibility for it.


We believe in engaging and developing our people in order to create a devoted workforce that works closely together to grow as a company, a team and as individual professionals. This approach translates in a dedicated workforce of ambitious professionals.


We consider our clients and suppliers to be our partners with whom we work closely together in order to develop a long-term relationship which is beneficial for both parties.