H175 MRO Activities Interview with Maarten D’Hondt, NHV Group’s Base Maintenance Manager in Ostend

NHV is growing its MRO functions, and with the inclusion of internal and external H175 MRO activities, we are actively recruiting individuals interested in pursuing a career as H175 Engineers at our Ostend base.

Delve into this interview with Maarten D’Hondt, our Base Maintenance Manager in Ostend. 

Can you provide an overview of the current MRO operations at NHV, including the types of helicopters serviced and key challenges faced?

From our Base Maintenance facility in Ostend, we do Base and Line maintenance for a diverse range of Airbus Helicopters: AS365 and H155 Family, as well as the H175 and H145 helicopters.

The base maintenance facility is equipped with 6 operational docks, and we therefore have the capability to conduct simultaneous maintenance on 6 helicopters, for both internal and external clients.

Additionally, our approved battery shop and mechanical facilities enable us to comprehensively maintain helicopters entirely in-house, covering all aspects from nose to tail.

With the initiation of H175 maintenance operations in Ostend, what strategic goals or improvements are you aiming for in the MRO team?

The introduction of H175 maintenance operations in Ostend signifies our team's commitment to achieving strategic goals and improvements.

Coupled with being highly experienced through the maturity campaign of the H175, we aim to position ourselves as a premier provider of maintenance services, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and excellence.


How does NHV approach the training and development of new engineering recruits?

NHV's approach to training and development is a dynamic and adaptive process, reflecting the company's commitment to empowering its engineering talent. We do this by fostering a culture of continuous learning, mentorship, and innovation, NHV ensures that its engineers are not just skilled professionals but also enthusiastic contributors to the company's success!


In a dynamic MRO environment, how do you foster collaboration and effective communication within the team to ensure efficient maintenance support?

Weekly team meetings serve as crucial touchpoints where we discuss ongoing projects, share updates, and collectively address challenges. I firmly believe in open lines of communication, encouraging team members to express ideas, concerns, and feedback freely.

To streamline our workflows and enhance coordination, we employ project management tools that aid in task assignment and progress tracking. Collaborative problem-solving is ingrained in our approach. Feedback is not just welcomed but actively sought out, as it serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement.

Investing in my staff is my commitment to enhancing technical skills and fostering a collective understanding of best practices among our team members. This goes beyond training courses and transpires into regular social and recreational activities to strengthen our bonds and creates a positive team culture!

As the Base Maintenance Manager, I also make a point of recognising and appreciating individual and collective achievements, as these are important contributors to a collaborative work spirit. I advocate for and actively support a collaborative culture, leading by example and emphasising the significance of teamwork.


What career advancement opportunities are available for engineers within the MRO department at NHV, and how does the company support professional development?

NHV offers pathways that allow engineers to advance through various levels of responsibility and expertise within the MRO department. This may include roles such as Licensed Engineer, Dock Chief or Chief Engineer. They also often have a chance to take on a project leadership role, managing and overseeing a maintenance visit.

NHV continuously invests in specialised training programs that focus on enhancing technical skills and staying current with the latest industry advancements.

We support internal mobility, allowing engineers to explore opportunities in different stations or within various MRO teams. This flexibility promotes a dynamic career path and a diverse range of experiences.

If you are interested in learning more about the recruitment process to join the team, apply online today: https://bit.ly/3urYUoD 

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