NHV Belgium ATO-approved to train pilots for PBN operations

OSTEND - August 2017 | The Belgian branch of NHV is now ATO-approved to train pilots for PBN operations. 

PBN stands for Performance Based Navigation. This is navigation that uses global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and computerised on-board systems. PBN is in contrast with traditional sensor-specific navigation based largely on fixed ground-based beacons guiding aircraft along published routes via waypoints defined by these beacons. With PBN, the safety of navigation is increased tremendously.
Having GNSS equipped helicopters is one thing, but also flight crews need to be trained accordingly. With the PBN Transition Course approved by the Belgian CAA in August 2017, the NHV Belgium ATO becomes one of very few organizations in Europe certified to conduct this specific training to rotorcraft pilots.

Europe stipulates that all commercial airports have to support PBN operations by 2020. This is already the case for some airports NHV is working at, such as Esbjerg, Bergen, Den Helder, Norwich, Aberdeen, Fedje. Moreover, the applicable EU and national regulation requires the inclusion of the PBN & GNSS qualification from pilots by 2020, while those operators conducting PBN operations are required to train their pilots beforehand. NHV is thus meeting some emerging global navigation changes, while increasing operational efficiency at the same time. 

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