NHV Group now account for more than 70% of all H175 flights worldwide

Ostend, Belgium – 16th December 2021

NHV Group is pleased to announce that its H175 fleet is on track to reach 68,000 flying hours by the end of 2021. NHV Group’s fleet of H175’s is currently achieving 70% of the total flying hours worldwide.
Since NHV became the global launching helicopter operator of the Airbus H175 Super Medium sized aircraft in Dec 2014, NHV is delighted to have reached this milestone and successfully position the H175 as the new standard for oil and gas missions.
The H175 is a flexible aircraft that NHV use for the transportation of personnel and supplies to offshore oil and gas platforms in the North Sea. The aircraft is also a feature designated aircraft which can be tailored for search and rescue support, emergency medical services and even executive transport.
NHV has taken the H175 through its paces in 2021, especially through the services in Aberdeen as a COVID-copter, collecting passengers offshore in the North Sea experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to take them back onshore.
Thomas Hütsch, NHV Group CEO says, “We explicitly thank our valued customers, staff and suppliers for being our partners in reaching this new milestone.”
NHV and OEM, Airbus Helicopters’ technical teams are currently working closely together to further improve the maturity of the H175 platform. The improvements to the maintenance programme as well as the technical enhancements will reduce maintenance and operating costs and enable NHV to increase the aircraft availability.
We believe that the H175 is the most effective and modern helicopter available in its class today, and NHV is dedicated to further developing its strengths and potential.


About NHV Group:
NHV Group, headquartered in Oostende (Belgium), is specialized in B-to-B helicopter services and has a strong geographic presence in Europe and Western Africa. The group conducts operations out of several bases on 2 continents with a team of about 600 employees. NHV’s main focus is on the energy producing sector. The Group has a leading position in Europe as the only helicopter operator that conducts operations in every oil producing country in the region. The scope of work also includes Maritime Services comprising Search and Rescue (SAR), Offshore Wind Farms, Training, MRO and Harbour Pilot Services. Aside from helicopter operations, NHV is also an Approved Pilot Training (ATO) and Maintenance Training (P147) organisation. In addition to supporting its own fleet, NHV provides extensive third-party maintenance services to a variety of civil and military clients. The group operates a multipurpose, high value fleet of more than 50 helicopters. NHV’s majority shareholder is Ardian, the world-leading private investment house with assets of around US$120bn, managed or advised in Europe, the Americas and Asia.
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