NHV Group manages a versatile fleet of helicopters catering to a wide range of services.

Demonstrating our unwavering commitment to safety, we continually update our fleet, maintaining an impressive average aircraft age of just 9 years—significantly younger than the industry standard.

Every aircraft in our fleet adheres rigorously to industry-leading standards for safety and quality, reflecting our dedication to maintaining the highest operational benchmarks.

In response to the dynamic needs of our customers and the evolving industry landscape, we regularly fine-tune the composition of our fleet to ensure optimal performance.

For inquiries regarding available aircraft for sale or further information, please contact fleet@nhv.be


Airbus Helicopters H175

capacity 16 passengers
max. takeoff weight 7,800 kg
powerplant 2 x Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67E
maximum speed 150 kt

Leonardo Helicopters AW169

capacity 10 passengers
max. takeoff weight 4.600 kg
powerplant 2 x Pratt & Whitney PW210A
maximum speed 140 kt

Leonardo Helicopters AW139

capacity 12 passengers
max. takeoff weight 6.800 kg / 7.000 kg
powerplant 2 × Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67C
maximum speed 145 kt

Airbus Helicopters H145 D2/D3

capacity 9 passengers
max. takeoff weight 3.800 kg
powerplant 2 × Turbomeca Arriel 2E
maximum speed 140 kt

Airbus Helicopters AS365N3

capacity 11 passengers
max. takeoff weight 4.300 kg
powerplant 2 × Turboméca Arriel 1C2 / Arriel 2C
maximum speed 135 kt