HHOP Training


As Heli Hoist Operations (HHO) are embedded into NHV’s DNA, we obtained a vast amount of experience in safely hoisting passengers onto a (dynamic) platform.

To ensure the safest conditions, NHV provides an extensive passenger training course, including both a ground as well as an in-flight training session. Having passed the ground course, a static mock-up of the helicopter is used to further prepare the passengers and have them become acquainted with the different procedures. Finally, to pass the overall course each passenger needs to successfully perform a series of hoist cycles.

Initial Training Programme


- Good Healthy Condition 
- Attended a HUET-Course in the past 4 years

Course Details:

  • Course layout – 1 day
  • Theoretical part
  • Practical Hoist Training

Recurrent Training Programmes (with Recency)

Condition: HHO-Passenger performed more than 3 live winchings in the past year

Programme: Theoretical part

Dry-Winch Recurrent Training at Hangar

Recurrent Training Programme (without Recency)

Condition: A HHO passenger is due if: Performed less than 3 live winchings in the past year

Programme:Theoretical part

Dry-Winch Recurrent Training at Hangar

Practical Helicopter Winch Training

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