ATO Training

NHV Group is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO). Furthermore, the company also has a Part 145 Maintenance Organisation, a Part 21 Design Organisation and a Part M Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation. 

EASA Part-FCL Training Courses

NHV obtained its official Approved Training Organisation (ATO) Certificate for the following courses:

  • Single engine IR (H) to Multi engine IR (H) Flight Training 
  • Modular IR (H) Flight training 
  • Single Pilot Type Rating AS365 N3 
  • Single Pilot Type Rating H 155 
  • Single Pilot Type Rating MD900/MD902 
  • Single Pilot Type Rating BK117 C2 
  • Type Rating H175
  • Type Rating AS332/H225
  • Type Rating AW139
  • Type Rating AW169
  • Type Rating Instructor Course (TRI) AS332/H225
  • Type Rating Instructor Course (TRI) AW139
  • Type Rating Instructor Course (TRI) AS365N3 
  • Type Rating Instructor Course (TRI) H 155 
  • Type Rating Instructor Course (TRI) MD900/902 
  • Type Rating Instructor Course (TRI) BK117C2 
  • Teaching & Learning Course 
  • Type Rating Renewal Courses 

NHV's own qualified instructors ensure continuous training for all flying personnel. Live courses, computer based training and the flight simulators are used.NHV’s type specific training courses are available to customers in all segments of aviation. Courses are conducted at our Approved Training Organisation (ATO) located at the headquarters at Ostend, Belgium.

EASA-OPS Training Courses

Following modules are available on customer request:

  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)
  • Shallow Water Escape Training (SWET)
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
    Initial CRM
    Recurrent CRM
    Commander Upgrade CRM
    HEMS Crew Member CRM
  • Dangerous goods course (IATA Key 10)
  • Fire fighting course
  • First aid course
  • Aircraft system refresher course
  • Recurrent Flight training (helicopter or simulator)

NHV Group is committed to safety and efficiency. Pilot training programs are designed to provide aircraft pilots with the highest quality training experience. Through advanced technology simulation-based training, computer-based training, flight training and qualified instructors.  

Training on demand

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