AS365 N3

Eurocopter AS365 N3 (Arriel 2C)

Courses are provided on demand. 

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Scheduled to optimise your time effort

  • 4 weeks online theoretical course distance learning
  • 4 days classroom reviews, aircraft visits & examinations
  • 6 days practical course within a PART-145 organisation with highly experienced engineers sharing their knowledge
  • Practical course includes Saturday to reduce course duration (example for B1.3 type course)

EASA approved (not UK CAA approved)

Engine course included

Approved locations:
Ostend (Belgium)

Different scopes and combinations available

Categories                                         Duration
B1.3                                                     4 + 2 weeks
B2                                                       3 + 2 weeks
B2 differences                                   4 + 3 days
B1.3 + B2 combined                          4 + 2 weeks
Familiarisation (non PART-147)       5 days

Discounts for multiple subscriptions

Course language: English

A customised location, schedule & timing can be evaluated on request.

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Training Sheet AS365N3