Part-147 Training School

An EASA Part 147 Approved
Aircraft Maintenance and
Aviation Engineering
Training Organisation


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Established in 2021, we are an EASA Approved Maintenance Training & Examination Organization providing maintenance technicians training from Basic B1 & B2 to Type Trainings on various aircraft types. Thanks to our collaborative partnership, we cover the theoretical and practical elements of the training for each of our aviation courses,

Our organization is run by professionals trained and experienced in aviation to deliver the knowledge, skills and attitude that are essential for staff to perform their tasks efficiently and comply with the local regulations as well as international standards and requirements.

If you wish to further your career in the Aviation Industry, and already hold your basic engineering licence, then we are here to help you undertake further professional training and certification.

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What sets us apart 
We know the aviation and aircraft business needs like no other. We aim to develop our students' key aviation engineering skills but we also want to inspire them with our passion for aviation, ensuring an even greater return on investment.

In addition to our Instructors' engineering skills and experience, many of them hold a professional teaching and assessing qualification. 

We aim to deliver convenience as well as quality, by offering theoretical, practical and on the job training under one roof. Our fully-equiped classrooms and maintenance training facilities are situated within the grounds of Ostend Airport, Belgium. But we also make maximum use of 'e-learning', which significantly reduces the costs, loss of time and environmental impact caused by travelling. This way, our training courses are also easily accessible for professionals who want to combine their current job with extra training. 

Whether you are looking for Theoretical, Practical, Regulatory or Specialised training, we strive to deliver engaging and innovative learning solutions. All of our training courses have been designed to ensure that our students gain a high level of knowledge, competence and experience as well as being fully equipped for the workplace.


Contact / Training requests
Contact us for more info about our aviation and aircraft engineering training courses and scheduled trainings.


Training Calendar

EASA module 12 helicopter techniques

=> required to transfer a cat B1.1 into a cat B1.3 PART-66 license

  • Timing: September 2021
  • Venue: training in Ostend, Belgium + online CBT

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EASA B2 modules

=> required to transfer a cat B1.X into a Cat B2 PART-66 license

  • Timing: January 2022
  • Venue: training in Ostend, Belgium + online CBT

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EASA Helicopter Type training H145 D2/D3 category B1.3

  • Timing: November 2021
  • Venue: Ostend, Belgium

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EASA Helicopter Type training AS365 N3 (Dauphin) category B1.3/B2

  • Timing: Q2 2022
  • Venue: Ostend, Belgium

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This project was made possible thanks to the support of ESF, the European Union and the Flemish government.
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