NHV provides services via the transport of crews and loads to and from Oil and Gas platforms. Flare tip replacement is also possible through our daughter company, Vertech Offshore. NHV also has a very strong expertise in delivering Search and Rescue services. Besides transportation for Oil and Gas platforms and Search and Rescue operations, NHV is also specialized in the transport of harbor pilots and crews, and supplies to wind turbines

Oil and Gas

NHV Group has a long lasting expertise and competence in the Oil and Gas sector. The company has an international presence with contracts on two continents.

The services include:
- Offshore crew transport to Oil and Gas locations, both for production and exploration
- On occasion, NHV charters large passenger fixed wing aircraft to transfer large crews between the NHV flight bases and airports
- Ad hoc missions to deliver supplies and equipment

NHV Group currently uses 4 types of helicopters for the Oil and Gas industry:
- Airbus Helicopters H175
- Leonardo Helicopters AW169
- Leonardo Helicopters AW139
- Airbus Helicopters AS365N3

Search and rescue

NHV Group is currently providing full Search and Rescue (SAR) services in the Netherlands, operating from Den Helder Airport and Pistoolhaven in Rotterdam.

In order to keep the crew ready for action, daily training sessions are conducted. Frequently, exercises on a larger and international scale are conducted along with other SAR entities, in order to optimize coordination and communication in real life situations. Besides delivering rescue services for the government, NHV also provides SAR services for corporate activities.

NHV can supply a dedicated SAR helicopter and crew relying on experienced pilots, hoist operators, divers and engineers.

NHV Group currently uses the Airbus Helicopters AS365N3/N2 “Dauphin” for the Search and Rescue operations.

Maritime services (incl. wind turbines)

Maritime services involve a variety of hoist operations and deck landings at sea including:

  • Transport of ship pilots to and from large vessels maneuvering around harbors
  • Wind turbines transport of crew and supplies for construction and maintenance
  • Flare tip replacement by Vertech Offshore

Since maintenance on wind turbines can be required at any given time, NHV is the helicopter operator of choice because of its flexible and quick response times in a safe and cost-effective manner.

The helicopters used for these operations are the Airbus Helicopters H145D2 and the AS365N3 “Dauphin”.

Vertech Offshore: flare tip replacement

Vertech Offshore is the leading company for flare tip replacements worldwide. The method for flare tip replacement is unique. The combination of experienced and top qualified personnel, along with specialised tools, and the use of vertical reference flying technique, makes this the safest and most cost effective way for changing your flare tip. Normally the operation is completed in one day.

Vertech Offshore uses an Airbus Helicopters EC332C for its operations.

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