Offshore Transport

Specialising in offshore flights, NHV Group serves the Oil and gas, Renewable Energy and Offshore Maritime industries.

NHV provides services via the transport of crews and loads to and from Oil and Gas platforms. Besides transportation for Oil and Gas platforms and Search and Rescue operations, NHV is also specialised in the transport of harbour pilots and crews, and supplies to wind turbines. 

Business Unit: North Sea Energy 

NHV Group operates with two business units; Business Unit North Sea Energy and Business Unit Helicopter Services Europe & West Africa.

We excel in safely transporting crews and cargo to offshore Oil and Gas platforms and offshore renewable sites. NHV is also a specialist in the precision transport of harbour pilots and crews.

At NHV, we blend innovation, safety, and efficiency to redefine industry standards. Our business units synergise to deliver exceptional results, meeting the unique demands of our clients across diverse sectors.

Business Unit: Helicopter Services Europe and West Africa 

Our reach extends far beyond the North Sea with Business Unit Helicopter Services Europe & West Africa. This division specialises in core helicopter services tailored for various industries, including Offshore Wind, Maritime services and Oil and Gas in West Africa, as well as diversification services such as; Training (ATO Pilot and Part 147 Engineer training), and 3rd party Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) solutions.

We bring expertise and reliability to every flight, training session, and project, ensuring our clients receive top-notch services wherever their operations take them.

NHV Group aircraft in use for the Helicopter Service in Europe & West Africa:

Airbus Helicopters H145
Airbus AS365N3 Dauphin