In the onshore market, NHV provides ambulance transport and Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS). Moreover, Airlift, a daughter company, is Northern Europe’s leading company for the provision of onshore helicopter services, like heavy lifting, transmission line inspection, polar services, etc. 


Helicopter Emergency Medical Services play a crucial role in enhancing the survival chances of seriously injured victims. NHV’s crew is trained to the highest standards and works with advanced medical equipment for its life saving operations. 

NHV Group currently works together with hospitals in Northern France (Lille & Arras) to provide ambulance transport and Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) in the region. NHV performs these services 24/7. Some of the bases can provide IFR flights. NHV has been operating with a dedicated technical crewmember since the beginning of its HEMS activities in 1999. 

Airlift: Aerial work

Our subsidiary Airlift AS is headquartered at Førde Airport Bringeland in Sogn og Fjordane, and is the largest Northern European provider of domestic helicopter services. Airlift operates a fleet of 18 helicopters and has 105 employees. Airlift AS was established in 1986 and has for over 30 years built up considerable experience and expertise in passenger and cargo transport. In addition to long-haul flights, Airlift has extensive experience in search and rescue, including from Svalbard. This means that the company has solid experience also from flights under difficult and demanding conditions.

Airlift is the operator of Northern Europe's only heavy lift helicopter with a lifting capacity of over four tonnes. Due to Airlift's long experience in advanced cargo flying, the company has provided services with a global field of impact to the offshore industry in connection with the change of flame tower.

Airlift also provides technical services, both in design (EASA Part-21) and ordinary technical services (Part-145) . Our technical competence environment consists of just under 30 highly qualified resources.

Services include:

  • Employee transport
  • Heavy lifting
  • Concrete transport
  • IFIS
  • Pylon assembly
  • Polar services
  • Film and photo services

Airlift currently uses 3 types of helicopters for its operations:

  • Leonardo Helicopters AW169
  • Airbus Helicopters ES332C
  • Airbus Helicopters AS350 “Ecureuil”

For more information visit: https://en.airlift.no/

NEW: Drone Services

Our extended experience with helicopter services makes us well placed to provide drone services. In the newly established company 'AIRLIFT SOLUTIONS', we link our aviation expertise with logistics expertise to provide cost-effective and future-oriented logistics solutions.

Airlift Solutions today offers inspection assignments (O&G, power industry) but also expertise building for the industry. We make it possible for others to use technology and drones to solve their tasks quickly and efficiently. In other words, we deliver the requisite training and instructions, to ensure that our client's drones operations happen well within the scope of regulations. 

For more information visit: https://www.airliftsolutions.no/en